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PanelQ- SMM Panel Script is an online SAAS tool (Software as a service application) that allows you to sell your social media marketing services with an easy-to-use panel. You can offer your customers high quality and affordable SMM services. You can buy any packages or services like Facebook Likes, Instagram Followers, Twitter Followers, Youtube Viewer and many more through any reseller panel and resell using the PanelQ smm panel script. You can create so many services and packages based on your panel. This is a fully dynamic panel. Whether you need it for your social media accounts or you are an SMM service reseller, you can find it all here. Starting your smm panel business becomes a lot easier with PanelQ.


More than 100+ Features in the panel.
Features keep updating from time to time.
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How to get started

There are very less requirements to start off with panelq.


  1. Domain Name ( You must purchase the domain name )
  2. Please update nameservers to these in order to create your panel.


    We will contact you regarding customizations once panel is ready.

and nothing else.

You can start off your own panel with PanelQ without any coding or team. Just start off with $4.99 Plan.

Add category

Steps to follow:

  1. Log into admin, Go to Service
  2. Click add new.
  3. Select service or category ( whichever you want to add )
  4. Write Name of category.
  5. Click Add

Manage Users

You can add/edit and view users accounts through our panel.

How to add –

How to Manage

Manage Support

Reply to tickets

Setup Payment Gateways

There are various payment gateways in the panel.
You can request new gateways also.

To add new gateway

Add API Providers

How to add A reseller

Panel Management Features

Add / Edit Pages

General Settings and SEO

You can set seo with panelq.

How to get Imgur Client ID –

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Edit Homepage

Color / Font Management - Customizations

User Settings


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